Company`s Resume

Beh Avaran Arash Company was founded in 1999 and continues to operate based on the principle of following and producing the highest quality standards for its products.
The products produced by our company over these years are as follows:

  • Topical Analgesic Gel by Jar package.
  • Topical Analgesic Gel by Tube package.
  • Topical Analgesic Body Lotion by ROLL- ON package.
  • Skin Care Cream family by Jar & Tube.
  • Body spray by aluminum aerosol package.
  • Antiperspirant by ROLL- ON package.


  • Topical Analgesic Goods manufacturer with 17 years of experience in Iran Pharmaceutical market.
  • Well known as the best brand and producer with highest Quality in Topical Analgesic Goods Category Market in Iran.
  • Cosmetic Goods manufacturer with more than 5 years in Iran Cosmetic Market.
  • Connected to all Major Expanded and Powerful Distribution Networks throughout the country.
  • Some of the company`s products brands are:
    • Mineral Ice BMS
    • BMS
    • PlayHot Moment
    • Calendomil
    • Hawaii
    • Black King

Company Vision

Beh Avaran Arash has effective marketing research organization with excellent experience form Iranian competitive and complicated market. Beh Avaran Arash is pleased to announce its willingness for global expansion and partnership with other manufacturers throughout the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.